Be a Part of the Dream

Hi San Jacinto High School Alumni. 

Yes, you can be a part of the dream.  After more than 40 years and a number of changes to our old high school campus, changes are on the way to retrofit our the building to its original appearance.

Welcome to the San Jac Alumni Association’s website constructed for the purpose of supporting a fundraising project endeavor with the Houston Community College. 

At the September quarterly meeting, the feature speaker was Dr. William W. Harmon, Ph.D. and President of Houston Community College – Central Campus (our old high school campus).  He indicated he had been working with the San Jacinto High School Alumni Association for the past six years to develop a plan that both met the needs of the HCC and the wishes of our organization.  According to Dr. Harmon, the San Jacinto High School Alumni Association is the largest such organization in the United States and without an active school.

Dr. Harmon further outlined the plans to restore the campus to its original state, preserving the memories and maintaining it as a living legacy.  He told us how the HCC and our alumni association will partner to preserve those memories.

For more details about the website and our efforts, check out the various tabs directly beneath the heading picture of our old school.

Each is briefly described below:

  • Home – the page we are  on right now.
  • About Us – describes our history, organization and relationship to the Houston Community College.
  • Blog – a series of comments regarding the progress of our fundraising campaign. Update
  • Our Goal – what we want to do as an organization to financially support HCC’s overall construction plans for our old school.
  • Your Choice – a list of opportunities for targeted giving.
  • Our Accomplishment  – a list of donors and the total amount of money collected to date.